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The Wilbraham-Hampden Academic Trust

The Wilbraham Hampden Academic Trust (W.H.A.T.) is a nonprofit organization composed of caring and concerned parents and friends of the district.  This collaboration between Wilbraham and Hampden community members has invested in our schools and teachers since 2003, funding over a $200,000 in grants that went directly to teachers to benefit programming for our children.​

Board of Directors

Michael Stachowicz



Mark Atkin
Vice President & Committee Chair

Ashley Mahoney


Christine Judd

Grants Director

Carolyn Balicki

Resource Development Director & Committee Chair

Daniel Joyce


Alex Ryan


Linda Ezziddin

Brand Marketing Director

Chris Parent



as of Sept. 2023

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More about W.H.A.T.

What We Do

The Wilbraham-Hampden Academic Trust’s goal is to attract outside funding and distribute grants directly to the district’s educators and schools, thus empowering them with the financial means to create innovative, imaginative and enriching learning opportunities for all students, Pre-K-12, that go beyond the conventional school budget and resources.  By doing so, we also hope to foster a greater pride in not only our schools, but our community.


How It's Done

Through efforts year-round, our fundraising committee works toward maintaining a source of funding that is available to fulfill grants approved by our grant review committee.  School outreach members encourage and provide assistance to teachers looking to apply for a grant.  Community outreach members provide a link to the residents of our towns, sharing the important work that is being done and striving towards getting even more support from our community.


What We've Done

Since its incorporation, W.H.A.T. has approved grants that have benefited each and every school in our district.  Ranging in amount from $150 - $10,000, some grants have provided students with access to a one-time opportunity, while others have become a standard part of their curriculum in the schools.  


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